Meet Vibha Bharaddwaj

Vibha is a Sales Closure Strategist and Founder, CEO of Sales Extended. She has been helping companies in B2B space to show more value to their clients and thereby close more deals!

Before starting her own venture, Vibha worked in various IT multinationals, for over two decades,  in various capacities such as as a Business Development Manager, Senior Product Manager et al.

Her last stint was with Cisco, the No.1 networking company wherein she got a chance to meet lot of entrepreneurs, through Cisco Developer Network. During this period, she came to know that lot of entrepreneurs close down their dream ventures because of their inability to sell to the right target market.

It was then she decided that she would help entrepreneurs and business owners to close deals faster and thereby help accelerate their growth.

This has become her sole mission now!

The Mission

Vibha's mission is to help 100K entrepreneurs to close deals faster so that they can have accelerated growth.

Through Vibha's programs on high quality lead generation, sales closure and effective communication skills, she teaches entrepreneurs to build their sales pipeline with high quality leads that have better conversion rates and thereby impact their revenue and growth!

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