Meet Vibha Bharaddwaj

Hi I am Vibha.

I am a Sales Closure Strategist and Founder, CEO of Sales Extended.

Prior to starting my own venture, I had the opportunity to work in various MNCs such as Cisco, Oracle for over two decades in various Senior Management roles that gave me opportunity to work with global clients.

This made me understand and get familiar with cross-cultures.

These years in various Multinationals shaped me into a person who could ideate, strategise and show value to Enterprise clients. Also worked with some of the amazing Sales Managers who coached me to “Shamelessly sell”  in the field and  demand  what was due without feeling awkward or shy.

I realised that the same experience could be leveraged to help Entrepreneurs who struggled with Selling, Showing Value and worst of all shied away from demanding what was due for them in terms of money.

It pained me to see Entrepreneurs close down their ventures because of this.

Hence I made it my mission that

I will help 100K Entrepreneurs close deals faster and accelerate their growth.

If you are an Entrepreneur or planning to get started on that journey and wish to learn ways to grow and sustain your business then I have some more to share. Read on.

The Mission

Vibha's mission is to help 100K entrepreneurs to close deals faster so that they can have accelerated growth.

Through her online programs on powerful Story Telling, Prospecting, Influencing and Sales Closure, she teaches entrepreneurs on how to show value through out the Sales Cycle, in order to persuade prospects to buy and become Customer for life!
Entrepreneurs learn to improve their Sales Conversion Rate and thereby impact their revenue and growth!

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