3 Unforgettable Lessons the year 2020 left me with…..

3 Unforgettable Lessons the year 2020 left me with…..

We are 11 days into 2021 and I was wondering whether I am late in publishing this, until my friend called me and pushed me to do this.

Thanks to her.

Here are the unforgettable lessons that the year 2020 left me with —

Lesson 1 – Time for SELF and others(Family and Friends)

I realised the importance of spending time with Self.

All these years, it has been setting goals and chasing goals.

Breakdowns and Breakthroughs.

Never realised that sometimes sitting still and doing nothing is also important.

Also realised that while I was important to self, so were my family members – my siblings and my mom, (lost my Dad in 2019).

Somehow we all have been living in silos. And this lockdown taught us that it need not be so.

Even remotely checking out also feels good. Laughing at each others stupid moments is also very relaxing and liberating.

It really helped handling those gloomy moments.

Lesson 2 – Food for thought and Body.

Books – I have the habit of reading books no doubt. But then I have a longer list of books in my shelf that I plan to read one day.

This lockdown gave me enough time to dust them and read some of them if not all.

I realised how much of wealth of information I was missing  on.

Conscious Eating – Starting paying attention to what I eat and how much I eat.

In pursuit of chasing accounts and deal closure, did not realise that my food was not balanced on – Fibre, Protein and other stuff.

It had become more of carbo-loading. And it was showing up at wrong places.

This time gave me to pause and take a look at what was going into my plate.

Mindfulness – I am glad headspace and Deepak Chopra are back into my life. Audible with its some of amazing books have made life so much more interesting.

Lesson 3 – Going beyond comfort zone

This I think is a major one.

As my job involves selling products for my partners, one of the important tasks during the day is prospecting.

During lockdown, I had to resort to prospecting over Zoom, which otherwise used to happen in-person.

This called for being comfortable in front of the camera, which wasn’t easy at first.

Facing the camera, actually felt like going beyond my comfort zone into what most call as Creation zone.

I had all kinds of reasons/fears and anxiety going on inside of me.

And the only solution to that was to do more of it till I became confident facing the camera and communicating comfortably.

In fact, I conduct free weekly webinars wherein I share some powerful tips on how to prospect, virtually over zoom.

You are welcome to join by registering here – https://vibha.me/3Tips.

I would like to know if these lessons were of any help to you. Please do comment.

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