“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” - Albert Einstein.

About Vibha

I notice that you have come to this page, which just means that you are interested in knowing more about me.

Aren’t we all like that. That’s what makes us Social beings.


Hi, I am Vibha Bharaddwaj.

I am blissfully single and blessed to be a part of a 15 member family (oh wait!, I haven’t counted the pets yet!)

We have over 163 Engineers in our family(includes last 3 generations), so if you pick anyone at random, don’t be surprised if you get an Engineer to speak to.

My Grandfather, engineer during the times of British, was a man of strong character and high values. That has stayed with the family since then.

My formative years were shaped by my Grandfather to a large extent.

He was a Story Teller with Theatrics.

He would bring all the characters of Mahabharata to life, with such ease.

And communicate the moral behind it with such an impact,  that it has stayed with me.

Cross-Culture Experience

As my dad was in a transferrable job, I got a chance to travel all over India, as a result my exposure to various cultures is immense.

It has certainly made me more approachable and relatable.

I am a Science major and have done my MS in Computer Science.

I have had an extremely successful and adventurous career with some of the best Software Multi-nationals such as Oracle, Cisco et al.

My corporate career gave me lot of opportunity to visit several countries abroad.

This contributed a great deal in shaping my character as well as career, to a great deal.

I got to work , interact and learn from people from different culture(s).


Well, travel and exposure also comes with additional stress.

Long hours of commute, late working hours, participating in conference calls spanning different time zones did not make me realise that the stress was accumulating inside me and I was just not paying enough attention to it.

Until one day…

I was diagnosed of a medical condition that left me with very few options.

Either to mend my ways and give time to health or forget living!

I chose the former.

I decided to give time to Health.

I decided to give up my stressful High Paying Corporate job and start on a journey ….that had flexible hours, less travel, more fulfilling and of course exciting!

That’s how my journey of Entrepreneurship started.

I chose to run my business on my own Terms.

I decided to offer Sales and Marketing Services to Entrepreneurs who struggled closing deals and were always challenged with revenue generation.

It pained to see many Entrepreneurs closing their ventures down due to this..

So I decided, that I would extend my help to Entrepreneurs,

so that they don’t give up on their dreams and close their venture,

just because they do not know how to Sell!

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