Do You Need To Be Of A Certain Type To Succeed In Sales?

Do You Need To Be Of A Certain Type To Succeed In Sales?

We are often told that you need to have a certain type of personality to succeed in the world of Sales.

I actually would like to question that.

All those people whom I know who have succeeded in bringing big revenues to their companies are people who fall under one of these two categories

– The Introverts and The Extroverts.

So what makes them different?

Here are five characteristics that I have seen , that distinguishes them –

  • Ability to Connect with People –¬† This varies greatly with Introverts vis-a-vis Extroverts. When left in a room full of strangers, Introverts wont be very comfortable to mingle and will prefer somebody else to approach, whereas an Extrovert may actually will see such a thing as an opportunity to connect.
  • Energy Levels – Intros (short for Introverts) derive energy from within whereas Extroverts derive energy from¬† people they interact with.
  • Level of Focus – Introverts have the ability to focus for long hours. They are more intense and prefer to dwell deep into the subject matter before they express any opinion on it. On the other hand, Extroverts like to know more about lot of things and usually go breadthwise.
  • Delivering Results – Both the types are known to deliver results, just that their approach varies.

In my opinion, Selling is a Skill as is Marketing.

And one needs to be at it, in order to get better at it.

Hence, whichever type of person you are, there is no substitute to hard work.

Leverage your strengths and put it to good use so that it helps you build a strong influence in your desired Target market!

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