How do you engage with your target audience?

How do you engage with your target audience?

If you have been following my previous blogs on finding the Target Audience, this blog is all about the next step, as to how to engage with them.


This will have to be done in three steps explained below – 


Step 1:

The Information that you will share with your audience about your product/service


This step will be more towards building trust with your audience and further sharing the problems that you plan to solve pertaining to the area of interest.

Also share as to what is your expertise as well as experience in solving such problems. This will help strengthen the trust between you and your audience.

Also make sure that you set the context for your audience, before you engage in a conversation with them.


This will need some practice. I suggest you practice this once with your team so that you have clarity about what you intend to share.


Step 2:

The Information  that you will collect by asking questions from this audience


This step involves asking questions from your audience around the challenges that they are facing pertaining to the area of interest. 

Also ask about how long they have been facing these challenges as a result and how it has impacted their work and life.


And finally, explore as to whether they are interested in finding a solution to their challenges and will they be open and willing to try it, if you are the one to provide it.


This way you can get some kind of commitment from them for a trial.


Step 3: 

The way you will conclude the conversation


This is an important step too. This will involve summarising the conversation with a list of action items.


Also ask your audience for their permission to further engage with them to share about the product and its free trial.


In exchange for the free trial, request them to share their feedback and a powerful testimonial.


Last but not the least thank them for their time and assure them that their data will be kept confidential and safe.


You will have to repeat the above mentioned steps with each one in the list that you have built of prospects.


It is possible that some of the prospects on that list may not be willing to listen to or share about their challenges. If that is the case then you should be ok about it.

Just thank them for it and move on to the next.


As it is difficult to remember what each prospect shared, I suggest use one of the CRM tools to record your key learnings.


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