How to find your target audience and no it’s just not easy.

How to find your target audience and no it’s just not easy.

I have a startup that offers Sales and Marketing services for technology companies.

We mostly focus on companies that have a very promising product but need help with finding the right target market and helping them sell their product for a price that is mutually beneficial.

And believe me when I say finding a target audience takes effort, I am not joking.

I mean every word of it.

We start by asking our clients as to who their target audience is. Who can use their product and find its right use?

Who can find the right use for their product/service?


We invariably get a response that everyone will benefit from this. Anyone can use it, whoever knows English.


That is so not true. English has become the most commonly spoken language in our country, not only with the working professionals but even at home and the marketplaces. And certainly that cant be the only criterion.


So what should be the approach.


You need to segment your target audience based on four factors –


Demographic Related Information

By this I mean, Answer following questions – 

Age Group of your Audience 



Relationship status(married, single, divorced)


Geographic Related Information – this will help determine whether you want to focus on Local, Hyper-local or Global.


Psychographic Related Information – this is related to the challenges faced by the target audience, emotions that drive their decisions, their personality type and so on.


And the last one is

Behavioural Related Information – what is the typical behaviour of this audience, where do they spend most of their time, which websites do they frequently visit, what kind of users are these, their behavioural patterns and interests


Let us take an example to understand this better.


Case 1 – If you are someone who is offering cloud kitchen services specialising in only vegan cuisine.

You cannot say everyone eats hence it is for everyone.

Understanding this food is not just to satisfy hunger, it also satisfies emotional needs and different people have different needs fulfilled.

And that is why there are so many varieties.

Demographics – Adults in the age group of 25-55 with a very healthy lifestyle.

Geographic – Freshly cooked vegan meal delivered within 10km radius (hyper-local).

Psychographic – Adults who want to stay fit and healthy, look good and feel good.

Behavioural – Adults in the habit of reading labels and calorie conscious. Also in the habit of using mobile apps and desktops to order food and rate food.

On the similar lines you need to work on your target audience too.

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